1. How many women do I need to start a U GROW GIRL! group?

You and 2 friends is enough to start a group.

2. Where are U GROW GIRL! meetings held?

Groups meet in the homes of the leader; in the homes of women in the group who are willing to host; restaurants; museums; the beach; wherever the group decides.

3. How often do U GROW GIRL! groups meet?

Groups meet once a month for 2 hours. This time-frame accommodates women with busy schedules and supports women who value spending time building healthy family relationships.

4. How much does it cost to start a group?

There is no fee to start a group! There are no monthly dues.

5. Who can start a U GROW GIRL! group?

Any woman…

-whose life is guided by biblical principles

-who desires personal growth

-who desires to facilitate the growth of other women

…can start a group.

6. What does it mean to discuss issues from a biblical perspective?

Discussing issues from a biblical perspective means exploring issues and drawing conclusions that line up with or are consistent with the principles found in the Word of God.

7. What is the maximum number of women that can be in a U GROW GIRL! group?

Ten is the recommended maximum number of women for each group.

- Keeping groups small facilitates maximum inclusion and time for each woman to be heard.

-Keeping groups small makes it possible for more women to open their homes to host meetings.

-Keeping groups small streamlines the decision making process when the group needs to make plans.

8. When can I start a U GROW GIRL! group?

Groups can be started at any time.

9. Can U GROW GIRL! groups do a Bible or other book study?

Of course! We believe in scratching where there’s an itch! Meeting the expressed needs of the women is indicative of the area in which the women are ready to grow.

10. Do you have to be a Christian to be in a U GROW GIRL! group?

No. Groups are open to any woman who has a desire to grow her life from  a biblical perspective.

11. Do I need a degree or credentials to start a U GROW GIRL! group?

No. If you have a degree or other credentials, congratulations! The Leading Ladies of U GROW GIRL! groups are welcomed in based on the content of their character not the call letters behind their names and based on their faith in Christ.